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As opposed to merely visiting a place, active travel lets you fully engage with your vacation. Cycle between mountain lodges in the Canadian Rockies; hike inn-to-inn between villages on France's Mediterranean coast; or sea kayak from island to island in the B.C. Gulf Islands.

If you have a basic level of fitness, you can easily enjoy most of our tours. They're designed to accommodate people of all ages, fitness and skill levels.


We have long believed that traveling by bicycle is one of life’s simple pleasures; you’ve heard about the joy of traveling on two wheels - free your spirit and take a journey by bike…

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Traveling on foot allows one to experience a region up close and slowly; we have routes for avid hikers and moderate walks…

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Looking for some variety in your active vacation? Try cycling, walking/hiking with some paddling or white-water rafting…
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Short Escape

Have a limited time or want to add on a few days to another trip? These trips can include cycling or walking/ hiking and can be customized…

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